Bellydance classes
Hipsinc Badges!

What are they?
Hipsinc badges are a fun way to improve your bellydancing skills at your own pace and in your own time. They enable you to focus on a particular aspect of the dance and work at home in a structured way towards a particular goal. At the end of the process you can take an assessment and gain objective feedback to help you improve even more!

What are the subject areas?
The Badge topics for 2012/2013 were in Isis Wings , Performance Skills and Fan Veils. We have previously run badge programmes in Veil, Street-Bellydance and Zills (finger cymbals) and these topics may be repeated at a later date.

How do they work?
Each subject is studied over six months. We start with an introductory workshop that introduces you to the core skills and qualities you will be working towards in your chosen subject. We will also give you a syllabus to work to and recommendations for DVDs and other source material you can use at home to improve your skills. After three months there will be another optional workshop to help you assess how you are improving and which areas you may need to work on more. At the end of six months there will be an assessment. You will get objective, constructive feedback on your strengths and which areas you might need to do extra work on. And if you pass the minimum requirements you get a badge to pin on your hipscarf!! If you don’t want a badge you can take a certificate instead.

Do I have to do the workshops?
No, both workshops are completely voluntary; you can just ask for a copy of the syllabus and do all the work at home. But we do recommend you take at least the first workshop if possible.

Do I have to do the assessment?
No, you can just work on the programme for your own satisfaction without having the final assessment. You won’t get a badge though!

What will it cost?
The workshops cost between £18 and £30 each depending on the content and length of workshop. The final assessment, feedback session and badge/certificate costs from £12 to £18. If you want to do both workshops and the final assessment you can pay for all three sections in advance.

Do I have to be a hipsinc student to take part?
Absolutey not! The workshops and Badge programme are open to everyone.

Coming Up!
Choreography badge with Charlotte!

More details soon