Bellydance classes
Learn to bellydance with Charlotte Desorgher and the hipsinc teachers...
In this enjoyable and informative DVD, Charlotte Desorgher teaches you the fundamentals of bellydancing - from absolute beginning moves, through to more advanced ones, such as the camel and Egyptian Walk. Then all the hipsinc teachers drill the moves through. Clear instruction! Each move is broken down simply and clearly in Charlotte’s warm, friendly style.
Practice the moves! Charlotte and her team drill the moves through in sections so you can practice along.
Put it all together! Charlotte and the team teach a fun choreography to an upbeat Arabic pop song, using all the moves you have learned.
Includes bonus features!
Step by step Hipsinc bellydance combinations...
In this wonderfully useful set of two DVDs, the hipsinc teachers share some of their favourite combinations. The first DVD contains simple, approachable combinations, suitable for people who are moving on from a beginner’s course. The second is far more challenging and includes veil work and two fusion mini-routines.

Students! Progress with us through the DVD, learning new moves and putting them together in ever more complex combinations.
Teachers! Feel free to teach these combinations in your own classes.
Performers! Use or adapt these combinations in your own choreographies and improvisations.
Watch them in action! Four of the teachers demonstrate how the combinations can be incorporated into performance.

Buy both DVD sets (three DVDs in total) for a full bellydance course, from absolute beginners to advanced!
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Both DVD sets
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