Bellydance classes

About Lea

Lea's passion for dance started as a child with Ballroom and Latin Dancing to competition standard and she has been dancing for fun ever since.

Having discovered the thrill of bellydancing on a holiday to Turkey, she sought out classes, becoming one of Charlotte's original bellydance students in 2002.

Trained to teach by Charlotte, like all hipsinc teachers, Lea has attended workshops and private lessons with some of the most exciting belly dancers and teachers in the world today including Aziza, Aida Noor, Raqia Hassan, Fahtiem, Randa, Jim Boz and Yasmina of Cairo both in the UK and in Cairo.


Lea teaches regular classes in Redhill and East Grinstead and runs a monthly bellydance club in Edenbridge.

To contact Lea, please call her on 01732 866284 or email

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