Bellydance classes


Class levels explained
Read on to discover which is the right level for you!

Beginner These are absolute beginners classes for everyone to start out on. You will learn all the core bellydance moves and have fun practising them to great music.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in easily and bare feet or very soft shoes such as ballet shoes. But definitely not trainers. If you are coming from work it’s fine to wear your usual work clothes as long as they are not restricting.

There’s no need to book, you can just turn up. But make sure you check the Stop Press (left hand column on the home page) first just to be sure there have been no changes to the schedule.

For more information call Charlotte on 07802 499728, or email

Intermediate (or improver) Once you have done at least three months of beginners classes you can move up into our intermediate classes (called improver in some areas). In this class you will learn new moves as well as perfecting the basic ones and put them together into combinations, routines and dances.

You will also learn how to dance with fun props such as veils and sticks. The content changes regularly and for most people this will be the ideal class to stay in long term.

Advanced These demanding and fulfilling classes are aimed at experienced and talented dancers who have been bellydancing for a minimum of two years.

Class members are asked to attend regularly, rather than dropping in and out, to gain the most from the classes.

To join any of the advanced classes you must either be invited by the relevant teacher or contact Charlotte on 07802 499728 to discuss whether you would be eligible.