Bellydance classes


UK bellydance network and magazine
Everything you ever wanted to know about bellydancing...
Another US site packed full of information...
Belly Dance Journal of record, Middle Eastern Music and Dance. A great resource!
A Manchester-based site
Jacqueline Chapmans site includes extensive teacherlistings
An amazing forum - the biggest and best
Loads of information about the UK bellydance scene
Specialist holidays for belly dancers; includes study courses, culture & shopping
The place to go for all London bellydance information
Monthly bellydance showcase in London - a fantastic night out!

Dancers and teachers
US star now based in London
Devon-based dancer and promoter
Farnham based teacher and dancer
London teacher and organiser of Fantasia and summer school
Dancer and teacher in Brighton and London
Reading and north Hampshire based teachers
British dancer and teacher in Cairo and a wonderful resource for dancers travelling there
Cairo based dancer. Website has lots of useful articles on Cairo
Reading-based teacher and dancer

Costumes and music
The biggest and best
A special mention for the site of
the master percussionist and his beautful wife Serena. Thank you both for every priceless gift you have given me.
Free arabic music and ringtones for download.
Great costume site.
Wonderful photographer who took fabulous pictures of Charlotte! Bellydance themed t-shirts and more from a hipsinc student! Designs also to order.
From professional costumes to practicewear that fits all shapes and sizes.