Bellydance classes

Parties and corporate events

At a special party or corporate event, a bellydance performance is a great crowd pleaser. Hipsinc. has a wonderful variety of bellydancers to entertain you - from traditional bellydancers in glittering outfits, to modern Shakira-style dancers who are perfect for a younger party.

A typical format would be to have one or two performances, one of which might involve your dancer encouraging guests to get up and dance. If you book two performances she will bring two different costumes to ring the changes.

Alternatively, hipsinc. can put on
a fabulous full show for you, featuring solos, duets and group numbers in a stunning variety of styles.

Contact Charlotte on 01342 850423 or email to discuss your requirements.

For all performances you will need to provide a PA-type sound system and a room with a mirror for changing.