Workshop topics, Charlotte Desorgher


Fabulous veil technique – open level

Charlotte is famous for her beautiful veil work, sometimes dreamy, sometimes dramatic. In this workshop, you will learn some fabulous creative veil techniques that can take your dancing into another dimension. This workshop can also be run at advanced level for experienced veil dancers.


At the Break of Dawn, atmospheric veil choreography – level 3/4

Learn a beautiful, atmospheric and romantic veil choreography incorporating some clever new veil tricks. To get the best out of this workshop you need to have some skill with the veil already. Bring a veil (preferably silk). Some veils will be available to borrow. 


Grace and Fluidity

Graceful, fluid dancing lifts the heart and creates magic. A graceful dancer can always move an audience – s/he can weave spells and create a sense of romance and pleasure. In this inspiring workshop, we will work on beauty of line, smoothness of transitions, carriage of the arms and graceful flow in all our movements.

Note, I can do this at a number of levels – just let me know what level you require.


Precision and Power!

Precision gives our moves clarity and definition, power gives them drama and dynamism. We need to harness both qualities for major ’wow’ factor! In this exciting and unusual workshop, we will be learning how to bring powerful drama into our dancing and learning some fun drills to create greater precision.

Note, I can do this at a number of levels – just let me know what level you require.


Learn a sassy drum solo in an hour and a half! Level 2/3

Master a fun, sassy drum solo, full of cute, audience-pleasing moves. Charlotte promises you will have this one under your belt and ready to perform by the end of the workshop!


Advanced drum solo choreography Level 3/4

A great drum solo with loads of attitude and swing, to Hossam Ramzy’s Desert Princess from Sabla Tolo Volume 1. (Two and a half hours minimum for this one)


Oriental Cabaret Choreography, Before Today. Levels 2-4

A fabulous, dramatic oriental-style choreography with a lovely opening veil section and a variety of moods and styles throughout. I can teach this at two levels, intermediate or advanced - the intermediate level is a little simpler, the advanced level has more layers to it. And I can manage both levels in one class, so it’s a good choice if you have a mix of dancers. (Two and a half hours minimum, ideally 3 hours)


Nubian dance – open level

Nubian dance is enormous fun – upbeat, high energy and accessible to absolutely everyone. Charlotte learned Nubian dance in Egypt from Nubian dancers and a top Reda Troupe member so her technique is very authentic. This lively and energetic workshop finishes with a fun choreography to the well-known Nubian pop song, So Ya So.


Create your own combinations – open level (or level 3)

Combinations are amazingly useful tools for your dancing. In this wonderfully informative workshop you will learn how to put your favourite moves together into useful combinations to use in your own choreographies and improvisations.


Combinations for those tricky rhythms - level 3/4

Putting together combinations for simple rhythms, such as Maqsoum or Saidi, is a breeze. But the bigger, more complex rhythms can be a headache. Charlotte shares some useful combinations for rhythms such as Masmoudi Kebir and Samai.


Access your inner diva – open level

A dance performance is much more than a series of steps. You need to learn how to communicate with your audience, how to access emotions and personalities within yourself, and how to ‘sell’ a performance to the audience. In this workshop we will learn some tricks and techniques to help achieve that elusive performance quality that is the difference between the OK and the truly great dancer.


Beautiful hands and arms – level 2 or level 3 (content changes depending on the level)

Often we are concentrating so hard on everything else that our hands and arms let us down. Yet they are the most beautiful and expressive part of the dancer’s body. In this workshop you will learn how to create beautiful arm patterns, fabulously expressive hands and lift and openness in the whole of your upper body.


Work that bellydancer's body - level 3/4

Demanding bellydance drills and body conditioning aimed at improving all aspects of your bellydance technique - includes a 10 minutes shimmy drill!


Interpreting traditional accordian/tabla baladi – level 2 or 3

Learn how to interpret traditional, soulful accordian/tabla baladi. This workshop can be kept quite simple at level 2 or go into more detail at level 3.


Saidi stick dance – level 2/3

In this workshop we will learn some great saidi-style moves and some new and interesting combinations. Then we will put them together into a simple but very effective dance to a well-known favourite, Daqt El Mizmar. Sticks provided.