Our classes in central Croydon

Every Tuesday

Brilliant classes with the UK’s most experienced teacher, right in the heart of central Croydon

Beginners 6pm-7pm
A fun class teaching you the foundation moves of bellydance.
Charlotte breaks down the moves to make them easy to learn and then you get to drill them through to great music. Each class finishes with a fun and very achievable routine.
Class fee £8

Intermediates 7pm-8pm
Once you’ve mastered the basics you can move on to the intermediate class where we master more challenging moves, learn props and different styles and enjoy learning some great choreographies. We also put on regular shows (including in some of London’s most famous theatres!) You don’t have to do the shows – they are completely voluntary.
Class fee £8

Class Venue:
Project B
3 to 7 Middle Street

Middle Street is first on the left down Crown Hill, near to Primark. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken shop on the corner

Pay for your classes on the day or buy them in advance here

Why people love their bellydance classes

Bellydance is for all ages, shapes and sizes

“The thing that stands out most in the classes is that bellydancing is for everyone — teenagers, young women, mature women. You don’t need to be slim with a perfect figure to be a good bellydancer. In fact, I know that I’m not overweight but like most women I have bits of my body I don’t like, particularly my tummy which up until a few years ago was flat as a pancake but now permanently sticks out. But going to the classes made me appreciate my wobbly belly a little bit more as I realised you need a bum, hips and thighs to wiggle!”

Make new friends

“Through the dance classes, I have made a wonderful new friend, taken part in shows and other social events, and have mixed with many other lovely people along the way. I love my classes, they always cheer me up if I am down, they are great exercise and I get to hear music and rhythms I would never have known about before. And best of all, I can wear as many sequins as I like!”

Improve self esteem and body image

“After surgery for a double mastectomy I felt very angry with my body for letting me down and viewed it as ugly and disfigured. It’s easy to disassociate yourself from your body in those circumstances but bellydance helped me to reconnect with my body through the movements, which felt so good to do. This helped to restore my confidence and self esteem.”

Lose weight, gain confidence

“Belly dancing is great, it has helped me lose weight and gain confidence and has also helped me make friends. Belly dancing shows that anyone fat or thin tall or small can still dance and show others how great they are.”

I can’t imagine my life without bellydance!

“I can’t imagine my life without bellydance! For me, bellydance taps into a part of me that is feminine, fluid and sensual. When I dance, I love my body and the way it moves and from that, I’ve gained in confidence about my body generally. I started dancing when my daughter was 6 months old and it’s definitely helped me tone up and increase my flexibility. It’s also my “me” time every week and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I urge any woman to try it as it comes naturally to most and at the very least, is great fun and a great workout. Plus you get to wear some amazing outfits and what woman doesn’t love to dress up!”