Mentoring for Advanced and Professional Dancers

Devised by Charlotte Desorgher and world famous star Aziza of Montreal, our two unique personalised mentoring programmes are aimed helping advanced and professional dancers achieve their aims – whatever they might be.

Be Undeniable!

Completely personalised to your needs, the Undeniables was Charlotte and Aziza’s first personalised mentoring programme for the advanced dancer. The results of the first two years have been remarkable and we’re thrilled to be continuing this programme in 2019.

It begins with an in-depth one-to-one session to discover what your own personal goal is, after which we tailor a focussed, systematic and achievable plan for you to get there.

Those who have already been through the programme comprise many levels of dancers, from those just stepping into solo performing, through to some of the best loved and most admired names on the UK bellydance scene.

Their goals ranged from creating a solo choreography to be proud of, making significant changes in dance style, becoming a more confident improviser, developing a different dance persona, creating a dance company, gaining Arts Council funding, and launching an international career.

Whatever your own personal goal, and whereever you are based – in the UK or beyond, throughout the twelve months you will receive regular, personal, direct coaching and mentoring, both in the studio and via Skype. We will help you set your short and long term goals, devise a detailed practice and development plan and update your plan on an regular basis as you develop.

For more detailed information visit Charlotte’s website here

The Elite Bellydancer

This brand new high level programme is a deeper, broader course for the truly committed dancer or dance teacher, aimed at taking you to a world class level. Internationally renowned coaches from other disciplines are brought in to teach you skills you never usually get the opportunity to study, such as how to convey emotion in dance. There are workshops in branding, professionalism and networking skills; high level improvisational coaching, and training in creating troupe choreographies, to name but a few.

But these workshops only scratch the surface of what this unique programme offers. Throughout the year you receive regular, one on one mentoring from Charlotte and Aziza to help you achieve your personal dance goals – whatever they may be. A secret Facebook group includes a treasure chest of completely unique videos and drills from Aziza, which are added to throughout the year, and you benefit from the joy and support of working together with your peers in the group, as well as Aziza and Charlotte.

This elite programme is not for everyone. You need to be completely committed to achieving your goals and prepared to put in the work to get there. There are no short cuts towards excellence! But Aziza and Charlotte are there to help you every step of the way. We want you to succeed – for you to get where you’ve always wanted to go. To truly be the dancer you’ve always dreamed of!

For more information about the programme, which is run on a rolling basis from March 2019, email