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Learn to bellydance with us!

Here at Hipsinc we say that bellydance is the best fun you can have keeping fit! With friendly, welcoming classes, fantastic teachers and enthusiastic classmates, you’ll learn a captivating new skill, raise your spirits and meet new friends. Like so many of our students you might just find you get totally hooked!

Bellydance is a beautiful dance from the middle east. The movements are sensual, joyful and make women feel wonderful! Bellydancing can trim your waist, soothe your frazzled mind, build your confidence and bring you new friends. It’s a marvellous hobby and a great, fun way of keeping fit.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our students say:

“Tonight’s class was the happiest I’ve felt in forever!!”

“If I tried to write everything this dance genre has changed in my life we would be here all night, the friends, the confidence, the interesting conversations, the self esteem, the giving me something else to think about and lose myself into when life brings me down. These are just a few of the things bellydancing gives me.”

“Belly dancing is great, it has helped me lose weight and gain confidence and has also helped me make friends. Belly dancing shows that anyone fat or thin tall or small can still dance and show others how great they are.”

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Bellydance classes in Croydon (central)

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Bellydance Online School

A collaboration in between Hipsinc and DancePandemic.com will bring the Online School to your screens very soon.

Stay tuned!