Health & Safety Guidelines

Guide to a Safe face to face Bellydance Lesson

By attending and booking Hipsinc Bellydance Lessons you agree to abide by this guidelines

This page was last updated in November 2022

Based on the latest UK Government’s advise and guidelines, we, and the venues we work with, have made some changes in the way we operate so we can continue with the face to face dance lessons and ensure everyone feels safe.

By attending and booking Hipsinc Bellydance Lessons you agree to abide by these guidelines.

What we have done:

  • Advance booking system and card payment are now available, in order to diminish close contact, manage group attendance and carry a -internal only- track and trace system.
  • Increased ventilation. When possible the classes will be run with at least one door or window open. Please wear an extra layer of clothes if you need to during cold months.
  • Increased sanitising of surfaces in communal areas, such as floors, door handles, toilets and sink areas.
  • Sanitising of studio floors regularly.
  • Body temperature check upon arrival.

What you can do:

  • BOOK IN ADVANCE. Drop-ins are welcome but in case there is no space available, priority goes for those who booked in advance. You can book for a single lesson double lesson (on the same day), or for the whole term.
  • USE HAND SANITISER and/or WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN. You’ll find stations around the building.
  • ENJOY YOUR CLASS. Staying active and positive, along with resting properly and eating healthy is the best way to stay healthy and strong, and this includes your immune system!

A note on non-judgement and respect: we are aware of the different opinions on all the things related to the covid pandemic and the safety measures taken. Independently of our opinion on the matter, there is a law we have to follow in order to make the classes possible and we are advocates of mutual respect and understanding.

Please, be respectful with other students and staff and follow the guidelines even if you don’t agree with them. Thank you very much.

With dance and hope,

Zahida Palma
Director of &

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