Our belly dance classes in Central Croydon

Bellydance Classes every Tuesday (check term and holiday dates below)

Brilliant and inclusive classes in the heart of central Croydon

Jun/Jul 2024 – Term dates

June: 11th, 18rd, 25th / July: 2nd, 9th, 16th

Summer holidays: From 23rd of July to the 16th of September (both included).

Can’t attend face to face or OnLive lessons at all? Have a look at my online program for absolute begginers –> 🌝  Bellydance With The Moon 🌝 . 29 lessons in 29 days via Whatsapp.


Beginners 6pm-7pm
A fun class teaching you the bellydance foundation moves. Perfect for absolute beginners.

Intermediates 7pm-8pm
Once you’ve mastered the basics you can move on to the intermediate class where we practise more challenging moves, learn props and different styles and enjoy learning some great combinations and choreographies.

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Class Venue:

The Venue on Middle Street

3 to 7 Middle Street
Croydon. CR0 1RE

Middle Street is first on the left down Crown Hill, near to Primark.

– There is free parking space in Oval Road, behind East Croydon station. Just a 10 min. walk from the venue.
– Jubilee car park is in Lower Church Street CR0 1XF.

Book now:

By attending and booking Hipsinc Bellydance Lessons you agree to abide by this guidelines (click to read).

*to be used within 3 months from the date of purchase

IMPORTANT NOTE: after the confirmation of your payment you should receive an email with your receipt. You might need to show the proof of your purchase before the lesson. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt.

If you can’t make it to class, check out our ONLive option (take the same lesson from your home).


Sep/Oct 2024 – Term dates

Sep: 17th, 24th / Oct: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Half term holidays: There won’t be class on Tuesdays the 29th of October and 5th of November.

Can’t attend face to face or OnLive lessons at all? Have a look at my online program for absolute begginers –> 🌝  Bellydance With The Moon 🌝 . 29 lessons in 29 days via Whatsapp.


Nov/Dec 2024 – Term dates

Nov: 12th, 19th, 26th / Dec: 3rd, 10th, 17th

Half term holidays: There won’t be class on the 24th and 31st of December -obviously 😉

Can’t attend face to face or OnLive lessons at all? Have a look at my online program for absolute begginers –> 🌝  Bellydance With The Moon 🌝 . 29 lessons in 29 days via Whatsapp.


Jan/Feb 2025 dates TBA

Your questions answered

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What should I wear?

What to wear
Just wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in and soft dance shoes or bare feet (lots of people come straight from work and just kick off their shoes and join in!)

How do I book?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current situation, all classes are taught online. You can book for your next class following this link

Do I need to book in advance?

Due to Covid restrictions there is a limit of 9 people per class, and to be honest, that number is close to our usual number os students. If you prefer to pay in advance and secure your spot, then you can book on this page.
Drop in is allowed but it can’t guarantee a place in the class.

What’s your upper age limit?

None! We have all ages in our classes – from youngsters in their 20s through to women in their 70s and above!

What’s your lower age limit?

Zahida is happy to welcome women and girls of all ages in her classes, but if you are under 12 then she would prefer you come with an adult. Indeed, bellydance is a wonderful mother/daughter bonding activity.

I’m overweight, does that matter?

Absolutely not! One of the most wonderful things about bellydance is that you don’t have to be young and skinny – it’s perfect for all figures and some of the best dancers are the largest. But if you are slender then bellydance is beautiful on you too – bellydance is for all women, whatever your shape, size or age.

Are your classes women-only?

Yes, Zahida’s Croydon classes are strictly women-only. If you are a man wanting to learn to bellydance, please email Zahida at ho**@da***********.com

I can’t make every class, will that matter?

Not at all – our classes are drop in, pay as you go. However, due to the present circumstances, there might be a limit of students per class, so you might prefer to book in advance to secure your space. You can join any time and it doesn’t matter if you can’t come every week (but hey! If you come to class every week you’ll definitely notice the difference faster, and there is a special price for regulars thanks to our “whole term packs”).

And you don’t have to worry about being new, new people are starting the beginners classes all the time and the atmosphere is very supportive and welcoming.

I’m pregnant. Is it safe for me to bellydance?

If you are generally fit, then it’s perfectly safe for you to come to bellydance classes. Indeed, bellydance has a reputation for being really helpful in pregnancy and childbirth.

However, if you are more than six months pregnant then it’s not advisable to start a completely new form of exercise. In addition, as you get closer to term, your ligaments will start to become softer and more stretchy in preparation for childbirth, so you have to be far more careful as you get closer to your due date.

Most importantly, always check with your doctor of midwife beforehand and let your teacher know that you are pregnant so she can advise you and give you modifications if necessary.

Check our this interview Zahida did to Aixa Laxmi, maternity expert and bellydancer.

I have a bad back. Is it safe for me to bellydance?

Bellydancing is a very safe form of exercise which has the reputation for helping back problems. However, the movements of the spine can occasionally aggravate certain conditions. So talk to your back specialist if you have one and always check with your doctor if you have any medical problems to be sure that it is safe for you to exercise.

And do let your teacher know if there is any medical condition she should be aware of and if you suffer from any joint problems.

What are the benefits of bellydancing?

Bellydancing could be great for your figure and it’s a really enjoyable way to get fit. But the women who come to our classes get so much more than that. They find it improves their self-esteem, lifts their spirits, they make new friends and they learn so much more than just how to dance. It’s a continuous learning process too. Unlike some forms of exercise, you never get bored with a bellydancing class!

But don’t just take our word for it! See what our students have to say about bellydancing in the next column!

Why people love their bellydance classes

Bellydance is for all ages, shapes and sizes

“The thing that stands out most in the classes is that bellydancing is for everyone — teenagers, young women, mature women. You don’t need to be slim with a perfect figure to be a good bellydancer. In fact, I know that I’m not overweight but like most women I have bits of my body I don’t like, particularly my tummy which up until a few years ago was flat as a pancake but now permanently sticks out. But going to the classes made me appreciate my wobbly belly a little bit more as I realised you need a bum, hips and thighs to wiggle!”

Make new friends

“Through the dance classes, I have made a wonderful new friend, taken part in shows and other social events, and have mixed with many other lovely people along the way. I love my classes, they always cheer me up if I am down, they are great exercise and I get to hear music and rhythms I would never have known about before. And best of all, I can wear as many sequins as I like!”

Improve self esteem and body image

“After surgery for a double mastectomy I felt very angry with my body for letting me down and viewed it as ugly and disfigured. It’s easy to disassociate yourself from your body in those circumstances but bellydance helped me to reconnect with my body through the movements, which felt so good to do. This helped to restore my confidence and self esteem.”

Lose weight, gain confidence

“Belly dancing is great, it has helped me lose weight and gain confidence and has also helped me make friends. Belly dancing shows that anyone fat or thin tall or small can still dance and show others how great they are.”

I can’t imagine my life without bellydance!

“I can’t imagine my life without bellydance! For me, bellydance taps into a part of me that is feminine, fluid and sensual. When I dance, I love my body and the way it moves and from that, I’ve gained in confidence about my body generally. I started dancing when my daughter was 6 months old and it’s definitely helped me tone up and increase my flexibility. It’s also my “me” time every week and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I urge any woman to try it as it comes naturally to most and at the very least, is great fun and a great workout. Plus you get to wear some amazing outfits and what woman doesn’t love to dress up!”

Your bellydance teacher, Zahida Palma

If we were to describe Zahida’s classes with one word that would be joyful!

From the very first class you will be dancing as well as enjoying the inclusive and warm environment created in the studio. Her classes are engaging, fun, and very practical.

With over 20 years of teaching experience and thousands of students under her belt, Zahida will help you to develop your confidence as well as your self-expression through dance, no matter your background.

Classes include a complete warm up, based on Body Awareness techniques, drills, sequences, movement breakdowns and expression exercises. Keeping it simple and challenging at the same time, there is no time to get bored.

You’ll find a wide range of bellydance styles, from Egyptian to Turkish, from tribal fusion to modern styles, with some creative licenses that will make you learn something new in every lesson.

Zahida has been featured at BBC One, as a guest teacher for the well known program Antiques Road Trip.

Zahida is a member of the groundbreaking bellydance company, Company of Dreams – having toured the UK with them in 2018 – and is the teacher of the company’s Belly Dance for Joy project, bringing free bellydance lessons to women in vulnerable moments of their lives. Both projects are lead by Charlotte Desorgher.

She is also the soul and force behind the DancePandemic.com blog, where she regularly shares mini classes, explanations, tips and reflections around dance in general and bellydance in particular.

Her bellydance lessons will spring clean your soul and polish up your body.

See you soon on the dance floor! Book your class now!