Learn from home - Hipsinc bellydance classes

Learn from home with the Hipsinc teachers!

If you can’t get to a regular class, then Hipsinc’s brilliant DVDs are the next best thing!

In the beginners DVD, Hipsinc founder Charlotte Desorgher teaches you the fundamentals of bellydancing – from absolute beginning moves, through to more advanced ones, such as the camel and Egyptian Walk.

Each move is broken down simply and clearly in Charlotte’s warm, friendly style. Then Charlotte and her team drill the moves in sections so you can practise along and see how the moves look on different body types. At the end of the DVD, she teaches a fun choreography to an upbeat Arabic pop song, using all the moves you have learned.

Review from Gilded Serpent bellydance magazine

If you want to feel like you have stepped through your television screen and entered an actual class, this is exactly what this DVD creates as an experience for her viewer.  I found this to be an extremely exceptional dance instruction DVD-well polished and taught!

I can’t speak enough about her excellent body mechanics and understanding of the physical and muscle individualization. To give a student a firm and solid base, she is able to deconstruct in a excellent manner. Once she breaks down each movement, she then uses a medium, quickly paced 4/4 tune and shows it to you as if in a class setting-with the background of her other teachers repeating the movements along with her.

Another important point is: she shows the difference in how a step should be executed along with the wrong way of executing it-how it affects the body line and the movement itself. Dancers can see how a slight movement made too largely or not executed as shown can appear ungainly. She then shows each individual movement from all four angles of the body and it how it should be defined.

Charlotte’s instruction is warm, personal, and well dissected. I would highly recommend this DVD for beginners to intermediates.

Just £7.50 plus postage

When you’re ready to take the next steps

This highly rated double DVD set takes you beyond beginner bellydance moves, through to intermediate and above, in simple, enjoyable steps.

You progress with the Hipsinc teachers as they demonstrate new moves clearly and simply and put them together into enjoyable combinations and mini-routines for you to practice to.

The first disc teaches intermediate level moves and combinations, the second disc is more advanced and challenging and includes veil work and two fusion combinations. There are four lovely performances at the end, demonstrating how the combinations can be incorporated into dances.

If you are learning bellydance, you can progress with the teachers through the DVD, learning new moves and putting them together in ever more complex combinations. Teachers can use the combinations in their own classes and performers can use or adapt the combinations in their own choreographies and improvisations. Bonus features include outtakes and interviews with the behind the scenes crew.

Just £7.50 plus postage

By both DVD sets together for a full course, taking you from beginners through to intermediate and beyond!

Just £12 plus postage