Become the dancer of your dreams

With the help of Charlotte and Aziza

How satisfied are you with your dancing right now?

  • Do you dream of being a better dancer but feel stuck?
  • Do you hate watching your performance videos back because you never look like the dancer you see in your head?
  • Do you wish you could put your finger on what exactly was wrong with your dancing?
  • Or you know what’s wrong but just don’t know how to correct it!

You’re not alone!

Most bellydancers feel exactly the same as you, but once you are at a certain level in your bellydancing, there’s very limited support and training out there for you.

The result is that once they get to a certain level, most bellydancers struggle to improve beyond that and never feel completely happy with their dancing.

Don’t worry help is at hand!

We are Aziza and Charlotte, and each of us in our own way has been responsible for raising standards of artistry and professionalism in the international bellydance sector for decades.

Together we’ve created two remarkable mentoring programmes which are enabling dancers at all levels make amazing breakthroughs in their dancing. Dancers tell us the programmes are the answer to their dreams and we are seeing exciting transformations and powerful performers emerge.

The Undeniables is our unique foundation programme. Completely personalised to your needs, its focus is on raising your performance game, whatever your current level, and whatever your personal dance style.

We’ve seen incredible results from our graduates, several of whom are now enjoying international recognition – winning international competitions, teaching world-wide and producing high level corporate events.

And just as exciting are the intermediate and advanced dancers who have gone on to perform their first solos, started to build a name in their local community, or overcame their fear of the stage.

Let some of them tell you about their experiences of the programme. Just click on the + symbol to open each story.

Kim Farnum: I finally had a path to becoming the dancer I ‘saw in my head’ but had never quite attained before

I would thoroughly recommend this course for any bellydancer looking to take their dance to the next level, whether a student level performer or more experienced (semi)-professional.

For me, it provided the breakthrough that I needed to become a more confident soloist, one who could own the stage!! What’s particularly great about it is that each participant sets her own objectives, and with Charlotte and Aziza’s help, develops a personalised programme that works on the particular technique or skills to achieve those objectives. In my case, it meant that I finally had a path to becoming the dancer I ‘saw in my head’ but had never quite attained before. And I feel Iike I’m set up to continue developing into that dancer once the programme has finished.

It’s not necessarily an easy programme. I’ve had to practise and push myself way more than before, but within just a few months I began to see results, which was really encouraging. I could watch videos of myself and not cringe, because the dancer I saw on video was lining up with the dancer I had dreamed I could be. And Charlotte and Aziza don’t let you rest on your laurels either; they encourage you to keep reaching beyond what you think you’re capable of!

And often you surprise yourself at what you can then achieve!

As a busy working mom living in Ireland, being able to do this course remotely via Skype made sense.

As a dancer and instructor in a remote community, without access to regular performance or training opportunities, I have always struggled with isolation and yet been driven to improve as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in my own right.

And so, this individually focused advanced training was an honest opportunity and blessing – a way for me to really develop my own unique style, with informed, culturally appropriate confidence.

The knowledge that Charlotte and Aziza have is unfathomably vast and their empathy, understanding and willingness to share all, has made the last year so worthwhile. I learned much more than I ever thought I could learn and I have developed so much technically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

As a busy working mom, it’s a challenge to get to the UK regularly for dance training and being able to do this course remotely made sense. I was finally able to satisfy my craving – the opportunity to develop and advance my technique in a serious way that was specific to my own dance abilities and lifestyle demands.

With  learned instruction from two absolute masters of this art form, who I respected and who met me with equivocal respect, this course really helped me work out and work on my specific dance needs.

I am so so grateful for the compassionate and encouraging training I have received this year.  

Sophia Furber: Participating in this programme has completely transformed my bellydance.

Participating in Charlotte and Aziza’s 12-month programme has completely transformed my bellydance.

As an advanced student of bellydance (but certainly not a professional!) I was wondering what the next steps in my dance journey would be. I’d got a good grounding in technique, had performed in student shows and community events, and was, by all accounts, a reasonably competent student dancer. However, I wanted to challenge myself to be the best that I could be, and to work towards developing the flow, confidence and presence that make bellydance beautiful to watch.
I was initially surprised when Charlotte recommended the programme to me, because I’d assumed that it was designed for people who are professional or aiming to go down that route (I’m actually a financial journalist by day, and bellydance was never going to be a career). However, I’m glad I put any misgivings to one side, because this has been an incredible experience. I’ve choreographed my first solo with extensive feedback from Charlotte and Aziza, committed to a programme of cross-training that has involved adult ballet classes and body combat at my local gym (and this is coming from someone who normally hates the gym), and have even stepped out to perform on my own at haflas and charity events.
I was a bit intimidated at first by the thought of training alongside pro dancers, but my fellow Undeniables have been nothing but supportive and encouraging, and have been very kind in sharing advice with a rookie like me.
Getting one-on-one feedback from teachers such as Aziza and Charlotte is a bit of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so glad I decided to go for it.
The programme has definitely built my confidence beyond dance. It’s developed my self belief and ability to trust my own decisions – both of which are very, very important things for a journalist. I’d say The Undeniables has actually helped me to do my job better, and with more conviction.
It’s also been a great training in time management, as I’ve spent the last year carving out pockets of time here and there to do drills, get down to the gym and work on choreography while having a busy full-time job.
I’d really recommend this programme to anyone who has a day job/primary career but wants to have an artistic life outside of that.
It IS totally possible to have both! 

Tevec Ibrahim: When you get to a professional level it’s difficult to find something suitable for your level.

When you get to a professional level it’s difficult to find something suitable for your level.

The Undeniables is a great idea no matter what your level and I have really enjoyed being a part of it. Charlotte is a great coach and mentor and works to your level. She helped me realise my potential and identify opportunities to progress my belly dance career. Charlotte gave me the confidence to go for my dreams and guidance on how to work for it. Having Aziza is an added bonus.  Thank you Charlotte.

Roxane Grant: The mentoring programme with Aziza and Charlotte has been fantastic.

The mentoring programme with Aziza and Charlotte has been fantastic.

Although there are 12 of us taking the course, it’s individually tailored and we can focus on what’s important to us. We’re a mixture of different levels (from teachers to intermediate students) and specialise in different styles.  I like that we meet up once a month to share what we’re doing and have a secret little Facebook support group.

Getting feedback and reassurance from Aziza has been amazing. I went into this course with a single aim in mind but have discovered new things about myself as a dancer. The course has also made me realise that I need to be much more strict about my discipline and my approach to learning. Each week I can see that I’m improving and I’ve already had people comment that they can see changes in my dancing.

One of the best things that I’ll take away from this course is a renewed confidence in my abilities as a dancer and a stronger love of dance!

This remarkable programme is completely unique in the world of bellydance. And it works!

Monthly one to one coaching, exclusive workshops and lectures, and a rich treasure trove of exclusive, personalised videos, move you smoothly towards greater power and polish in your dancing.

Throughout the programme you have two of the most experienced teachers in the world giving you personal guidance, supporting you, holding you to account and cheering you every step of the way.

You don’t have to live in London to participate – we have had members from as far away as Ireland, Jersey and even Greece!

If you want an extra challenge!

The Elite Bellydancer is our next level programme – richer, deeper and more focussed than anything we’ve done before. Whether you’re a graduate of the Undeniables, an experienced professional or you just want that extra challenge, talk to us about our Elite bellydancer programme.

  • exclusive workshops and lectures taught by top class professionals in their field
  • follow on support and development to embed the skills you’ve learned
  • one to one mentoring throughout the programme
  • a treasure chest of exclusive training videos from Aziza
  • a secret Facebook group with exclusive content and support
  • exclusive discounts
  • and more!

Will this be the year you take the first step towards becoming the dancer of your dreams?

Places are strictly limited on both programmes but we do currently have a couple of places left. Click on the link below if you would like more details.

A year on…

Kim Maria took the Undeniables programme in 2017/18. Originally a good troupe dancer, she has become a powerful soloist on the London bellydance scene and is now making her presence felt internationally. In 2019 she was highly placed in her first  international competition and she is currently doing the Elite bellydancer programme.

In this video Kim talks about her experience of the Undeniables – the challenges, the breakthroughs and the importance of investing in yourself

Our credentials

Aziza of Montreal

Aziza is one of the most influential and sought after bellydance superstars in the world. Touring and teaching internationally for twenty years, she’s had a truly stellar career and is loved and admired by the world’s greatest dancers.

She is a regular judge in international competitions, is in hot demand at all the top festivals, has appeared on countless DVDs and devised and runs her own Dreamcamp, which attracts hundreds of dancers from all over the world. She is truly one of the greatest stars of the international bellydance firmament.

A lifelong bellydance student herself, she continually seeks inspiration as she travels the world, discovering new and revisiting familiar movement forms, always presenting material that is fresh and exciting.


Charlotte Desorgher

Charlotte is acknowledged internationally as one of bellydance’s leaders and innovators and she has dedicated the past eight years to raising standards in the sector. She has developed her own unique dance style, created Company of Dreams – the first ever professional bellydance touring company and raised tens of thousands of pounds in Arts Council grants and crowdfunding.

She recently choreographed, produced and directed a full length production of Scheherezade and 1001 Nights, which sold out at Sadler’s Wells and went on to tour the UK to enormous acclaim. The production contained some of the most innovative dance ever seen in our sector, and the dancers (many of them graduates of The Undeniables) were encouraged to push through their limits to achieve heights in dance they never thought they were capable of.